Journeys that children make with parents are often understood as the parents’ journey. The journeys which young people make are often overlooked. The maps here focus on the travels of young people. These range from hemisphere-crossing migrations, visiting extended family in unfamiliar cities or just on the daily commute to school, to repeated instructions to “walk on the left”. Whatever the scale, these journeys shape how participants see and understand the city around them.

Space2 Map


The Space2 map shows the connections to family and friends, all drawn in one typical afternoon at their base on Pilgrim Street. The continents united by one places in Newcastle. Space2 was created by NE1 and is run by the YMCA. It provides support to 13 - 18 year olds to find employment through coaching, experience and developing contacts.  Space2 is also great city centre social space after school to make music, play pool and hang out with friends from across the world. 

Maps of Gold

These maps are inspired by the work of Ewan David Easton’s work. He looked to the Mappa Mundi for inspiration and produced round maps of different cities using gold leaf.

The students used a circle cutter to isolate a section of the map and then gold leaf was applied to a section of their choice. It was interesting to see how the circle cut out left a gap in the maps. This gap is of value because of an absence, the circles are of value because they have additions. Both actions are models of power.

By adding gold leaf to ordinary objects, and by adding golden areas to a map of the city, the students chose to raise the status of the parts of the city that are meaningful to them and highlight their journeys to and from school. The gold lead simultaneously redacts and highlights areas of the map. They become precious: at once gilded but hidden.